Suggestion: Sorting empties to bottom

May I suggest a very helpful, super simple to implement, feature?

Problem: Sorting (ascending order) a single select that has empty values puts all the empties up front.
Work around: Reverse the single select options order (put 1st at bottom), but this is a pain.
Suggestion: You already have “Alphabetize” in Single or Multi Select, which sorts A-Z. Please enable a 2nd click to then sort Z-A. Voila! Now sort my view Descending and my empties will be at the bottom and my single selects will sort in the view correctly.

A better, more intuitive solution might be to provide a switch in Sort dialog: “Sort empties at top/bottom”.

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It is confusing have the up/down icon next to Alphabetize as that would imply that selecting it a second time would reverse the order.

That’s the intent: allow sorting by ascending or descending. Keep in mind, this is an easy solution to putting empty values in a Single Select field at top or bottom.