Suggestions on Budget and Expenditure Set-Up

Hello all,

I am looking for suggestions on how to manage the following

I have a multi-year (lets say 4 years) funding program, in which there are many individual projects, each with their allotted expenses. For example I created a table along the following lines:

               Year    Equipment     Materials    Fees   Travel  Labor     Total

Project 1 Y1 1000 500 2000 2000 10000 15500
Project 1 Y2 0 0 0 1000 5000 6000
Project 2 Y2 1000 500 2000 2000 10000 15500
Project 2 Y3 1000 1000 2000 2000 10000 15500
Project 3 Y2 1000 0 0 0 15000 16000
Project n Y1… etc…

I can also create a similar table for Expenditures against those budgets

Is this a workable way to go about it? Can I set up a variance table that calculates the difference? I’m not sure how I would do this properly

Appreciate your help


… My table formatting got all screwed up - I didn’t figure on that.


Yes, you should be able to create an Expenses table and link each expense to a particular budget. Use a roll-up on the budget table and subtract expenses from the budget SUM rollup.

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