Sum data from different bases into one

Hey! I’m trying to connect data from different bases into one, and that data from the different bases have it summed up. So what I’m trying to do is these:

I have a different base for each soccer tournament in which contains the stats of every player, and I want to have in the SAME base the stats of that same player in the different tournaments like:

Have “Lionel Messi” stats from 2018 season + 2019 season + 2020 season, etc in just one record… and add all the stats in one base.

My idea is to have a general base with a few stats but from ALL tournaments (bases).

I know I can sync bases but there’s a limit of 20 synced bases and I have more than 20.

What do you guys suggest me? Hope you can help me! Thanks! Sum data from different bases into one

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