Sum in Pivot Table is incorrect


It seems that the sum line of many of my pivot tables are incorrect. I can’t seem to track back the reason why. Any help would be much appreciated! See screen shots below.

I think that has to do with your “Split multiple choices” selection…

Since the "Sum"s in the bottom row have to add up to the total sum of records in the bottom row, right-most column (1322), they cannot count the same record twice in those sums. If “Miki” and “Regina” are both listed on record record #100 in March, but are being shows “split” here, then record #100 is counted once for each of them (so that they both have a total of 100 for March), but is only counted as 1 record for March in the Sum, since it’s still only one record, namely record #100. It can’t be counted twice in the Sum, even if it shows up twice in the individual “Fashion Office” sums above that.

Does that make sense? Does it help clarify?

Thank you! This is super helpful!

I also went into my doc today and the majority of my formulas are now broken- after working for weeks. Can you help me with that?

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It turns out Airtable is experiencing a problem with the SWITCH() function right now. It seems to be on their end of things, and all SWITCH() functions are returning #ERROR! regardless of their content.

There’s a thread about it here:

Since your {# of Weeks} formula depends on the {Est. Kick Off- LOW} formula, which contains a SWITCH() function, that too is returning #ERROR!.

This likely has nothing to do with your formulas and is a bug that Airtable needs to address – hopefully soon.

thanks! will check back tomorrow!