Sum of 50 columns into 51st column

I understand that to have sum of column A and column B, I can use formula SUM(column A + column B).

But If I want to add up 50 different columns into 51st column, I will have to use formula SUM( Column 1+ Column 2 + … + column 50).

Is there a simpler way to do this?

Hi Apurv! Welcome to the forum. It looks like what you want is something like in Exce where you can sum a range of cells, e.g. Sum(A1:F1). I’m not aware of a shortcut like that in Airtable. I’m wondering whether there might be a different way to design the base to achieve the same effect. What is the data you’re tracking and what’s the end result you want to achieve?

Hi @Julian_E_Post

Yes. I am looking for something similar to Sum(A1:F1).

My use case is->
Maintain a list of Holiday resorts and their quality ratings on 50ish parameters. We calculate final rating of a holiday resort by summing 50 parameters.

Previously we were using Google sheet. And using SUM.
How can we do this in airtable?
Thank you in advance.

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