Sum of Look up Script

Hey Guys,
I am not a developer but I use Airtable for my startup. I am able to copy a lot of scripts that are useful but I can’t seem to solve this one, I would be grateful if someone can give me a code for it.

I need to be able to do a sum of a field that has many clients. My problem with the roll-up formula is that the first field in my main active database is dates and not clients. Meaning, in order to use the roll-up option, I must enter manually on a linked field all the dates that each client has orders and I have a very large database, it just can’t be done. Either I need a code that automatically populates all the dates linked to this client in the linked field and then I can use the roll-up or I need a script that allows me to calculate the sum of a field based on each client (ideally the second solution looks better).

Thank you

It sounds like you could just group your records by client, and then use the summary bar to summarize your groups?

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