Sum of manually entered values in a single field


A simple issue:

I have a single line text field I populate manually with values related to my work throughout the day. At the end of the day, it may look something like this: 297+75+8+23+34+64+18+50+53.

The next field after this one is supposed to be a sum of these numbers. In this case, 622. I have been doing this sum manually, outside of AirTable, and just pasting the number.

Now, is there any way to compute this sum automatically?

I know I could do this if each number to be added was its own field — then I could select a range of fields to be added together. But I don’t want to have that many fields in my records, it’s not needed. Plus, some days I need to add just three or four different numbers together, while on others I need to add more than thirty.

Can anyone help, or am I already doing this the best way I could?


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