Sum of values in one cell

Hi, I have two linked tables. (very basic stuff)

How to get the sum of numbers in linked column and show the result into another column.

Please check the image of my base:


Welcome to the community, @jonathan_pineda! :smiley: For anyone else viewing this, here’s the linked image:

To your question, you would normally use a rollup field to summarize values from linked records, and technically this could be done with your existing design. However, I strongly suggest changing the design of your [Palos tumbados] table (I hope I read that name right; the JPG compression is making it tough to read it). The data in the primary field of a table is supposed to be unique for each record, but you’ve got several instances of repeated numbers in the primary field values of those linked records. I’m guessing that you’re using a formula to build that value, so my first suggestion is to put that formula into another field (I’ll call it {Valor} for this example) and change the primary field formula so that it creates a unique value. With that done, your {Saldo} field would become a Rollup field, setup like this:

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I am trying to keep track of records for a very popular game, very similar to bwoling.

There are 4 contestants. (you can see their names and pics in table ‘participantes’)

There are, let’s call it ‘rounds’ where every player throws the ball and we need to track the numbers of ‘pines’ down. done in table ‘palos tumbados’ table

you can see these numbers linked in the ‘palos tumbados’ (pines down) column. in there you will see the score for each round. pending attempts are represented with ‘ceros’ on this field.

no special formula is being used, just the option of multiple records for linked table.

The problem is that I havent figured out a way to sum all the values in the column for ‘palos tumbados’

Forum rules wouldnt let me attach images nor links to better explain myself.

I’m talking about the primary field in the [Palos Tumbados] table:

Those scores are the numbers that I’m assuming are created by a formula, and as I said before, I suggest moving them to a different field. The primary field isn’t the place to keep the score for the round. The score should be in a separate field, with the primary field used to label the round; i.e. Round 1, Round 2, etc. Then use the {Saldo} field to roll up the scores from those linked records, targeting your new score field instead of the primary field.

Thank you for your help