SUM of Values separated by a comma in the same sheet



I have a Zap importing values separated by a comma - I cannot change this. So my field looks something like this: 55.00,55.00

I am attempting to create a sum from these values, but the ending value is 0.00

I do not want to create a rollup field on another sheet only to import the values back into the original sheet - that’s double redundant and another thing to keep track of.

Is there a formula that can combine those comma-separated values into a sum?

Thank you


I think you can use FIND() and INT() to extract the numbers and them sum them:


Thanks - Would you have a formula handy?



    {Your Variable},
            {Your Variable},
            FIND(',',{Your Variable})-1
            {Your Variable},
            LEN({Your Variable})-FIND(',',{Your Variable})


Hi there! I just tried your formula but it’s returning an error. My Variable is a lookup from another table? Would that impact it?

Many thanks for any help!


Yes — your {Variable}, when returned as a lookup, is coming across as an array. Append &'' — that is, ampersand (&) followed by an empty string ('') to each instance of {Variable} in your formula. I think that should remedy things.



SUM({Your Column})


Nope: Once imported as a string, her two-value variable won’t work with arithmetic functions. (Or, rather, it will work — but since such functions ignore non-numeric values, the result will always be 0.)