Sum time per month and use it as an trigger or automation


With our team we use Airtable for a lot of useful practices and one of them is time tracking. My question is about how to trigger an automated message when a single person writes more than for example 10 hours on a customer in a certain month.


My (un)logical idea start was. To sum the time per month in a formula column. But i have no clue what kind of formula I need.

Does anybody has an idea?

Many thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Blinkt_Uit! :smiley: When Airtable executes a formula in a given cell, that formula only has access to other data in the same record (row). It’s not possible to use a formula in that sense to sum numbers from the same field (column).

What you could do, however, is link each entry to a customer record, and do the calculation in the customer record using a rollup field using the SUM(values) aggregation formula.

Hi Justin,
A little late response from my end, but thanks! it helped working out a solution.


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