Sum total number of participants on a given date with specific product


Hi, in the grid view, I am able to group fields and have the total count or sum of each columns. How can I apply that to calendar or gallery view?

I am operating a tour agency where I have a trip ID, date of the trip and number of participants. However, participants can register for each trip randomly on any date. How can I add the number of participants that is taking part in trip A on 1st of April for example?

Thank you in advance for helping.



As one possible method to do this, I’d suggest having the trips in one table and the people registering for it in another.

You’ll want to setup a ‘link to another record’ field in the registrations table that references the trips table. (when creating a new registration, you’ll add the trip a person is going on as a linked record with this new field)

Then in your trips table, there will be a new field that has a list of everyone going on that trip. You can automatically count the number of people in that field if you use a new ‘count’ field.

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