Sum up values from different tables


Hello, I’m new to the airtable and any help will be welcome.

I have multi tables with payments made in cash and credit card.
I used the multi-choice field type to differentiate the payments.
How can I add up all the amounts paid in cash from all the tables I have?




What are your tables? Why you don’t have all the payments in the same table?



I have the tables separated by areas of expense (building material, staff, food…etc) some expenses were paid in cash and others in credit card. I would like to sum the amounts paid in cash from all tables in a “Summary” table.

Thanks for your help!



I’d recommend you to merge those tables into an unique Expenses table, with a single select field for Area, as you’ve made with Payment Method. Then you will know very easy the amount by Method, Area, or any other field, by using the Grouping feature.

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