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I have three tables in one base. In each table, there is a Name field and a checkbox field named “Flag”.
How do I create one “grid” (or interface or anything else) that lists only the record names from all three tables that have the Flag checkbox checked?

There are a few ways to do this. One straightforward solution would be to create a new Interface page.

  • Add three “Grid” elements to your interface page.
  • Configure each of the grid elements to use one of the tables as its Source
  • To filter your grids by the Flag field, select “Specific records” under the Filter configuration for the grid and then add the condition Flag is checked (or equivalent)

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Thank you, Nathaniel! I’ll look into your suggestion. I’m also interested in the other ways you mentioned. Would you mind elaborating?

Off the top of my head:

Table with automation

  • Create a new table for consolidating the records. The new table will have 3 Link to another record fields, one pointing at each of your tables. Then you can pull in the data that interests you using lookup fields. The data will be split across different columns though! So you can create Formula fields for each piece of data you want to consolidate that “choose” between lookup fields. For instance, if there is a “Name” field in all 3 source tables, you can create a formula field called “Calculated Name” that looks at the three name lookup fields and displays the first one that has any data in it. Then you can hide all the lookup fields.
  • You’ll need to manually attach each new record, though. That’s no fun! So you can use an automation to link records to the new table as they are created.

[Pro Plan required] Airtable Sync to a new base

  • In each of your three tables, create a view that filters down to only include records with “Flag” checked

  • Create a new base

  • Inside the new base, create a new table with “Add data from other sources > Airtable base”

  • Select your original base, the first table to sync, and the filtered view. You will flip the setting (on each source table) to allow them to be sync’d to other bases

  • Once you’ve set up your first sync source, go into the table dropdown and “Add Records From > Airtable Base”

  • Now set up a sync from your 2nd source table. Airtable will prompt you to map your columns so you can decide how the data from each table should be merged together

  • Repeat for the third table

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Thank you very much for your ideas and the detailed explanations. The “Table with automation” sounded like the most difficult to manage on an ongoing basis, especially with the data going into different columns. I tried both the synced base and your original suggestion, and I think the interface with three grids is the best solution. Thank you again!

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