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I’m quickly learning the power of Airtable.

As I am developing our base, we are creating views that group fields that are relevant to different users. When we do that, Airtable defaults to adding the summary bar with all numerical fields summed. I love the summary bar but it is rare we need those groups to be summed. So I find myself changing most fields back to “none” from “sum.” If I don’t, it provides misleading and/or nonsensical results.

Is there a way to update the default summary bar option to “none?”

Unfortunately, there is no way to update the default summary bar option.

However, once you change a field’s summary bar option to “none” (or any other option), it remembers the option on that view from that point forward. You could even duplicate that view to create a new view, and that field would still remember its option.

I would also enjoy having a preference to set the default summary bar option to “none”. You may want to submit it as a suggestion in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions topic.

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Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestion. I have logged this feedback with our team!

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