Summary of Revision History?


Is there any way to see revision history without having to open one record at a time? Can I (for example) see all changes made on Tuesday of last week, laid out in a single list? Or to see at a glance which records have had changes made to them in the past 24 hours?

(At the moment I have to click on every record in turn…there’s no way to tell which records I should be checking for updates on)


I would very much like to see this too. I recently discovered that I overwrote one cell in a record earlier in February and thankfully still had visibility to the revision history. However, I had no idea I had done this until I luckily just happened to notice that my static sentence-long text field now contained a two-digit number! Of course now I’m wondering…what else might I have accidentally keyed over??? The only solution I have thus far is to integrate Airtable and Slack to receive base activity notifications. Unfortunately, it seems to be a one-to-one base to Slack channel integration* which isn’t very useful if you want to track multiple bases. (*I think it’s one-to-one. I haven’t tried to integrate multiple bases to one channel because at the moment I really only need to track one base.) So I too would like to see a simple activity stream for all my bases. At the very simplest it could just reference which record was changed without even providing the detail.

If you’re interested in using the integration, here’s the support article: