Summing up the Difference Between Beginning and Endling Inventories

Hello everyone!

I am using Airtable to let my employees input the beginning and ending inventory of our coffee beans. We have multiple beans and they are specifically recorded by their roasting dates. So, if there are two of the same beans with different roast dates, they will have two records (this rarely happens).

I have a table for each Beginning Inventory and Ending Inventory. They record the items through a form that they can access via static QR codes by scanning using their phones.

What I want to happen is to have a formula that calculates the difference between the beginning and ending inventories on a separate table. However, I cannot find a way to create a formula that can connect different tables.

I also thought of experimenting with automation and I am currently watching and reading tutorials online about it right now.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

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