Summing WORKDAY_DIFF numeric outputs

Hi All - This will be my first post. I would like for our category row ‘Summary’ cell to sum the output of our number of work days driven by the following formula

IF({Start Date} = BLANK(), “0”, WORKDAY_DIFF({Start Date}, {Finish Date}))

The formula currently is working to output the numeric value of the number or work days, but AirTable ‘Summary’ does not recognize it as numeric and thus does offer the option to sum the results into the Summary cell.

Your output isn’t a number because you put quotes around the zero. Remove the quotes and you should be fine. 0 is a number, "0" is a string.

And like that it’s magic @Kamille_Parks. Thank you! What a fundamentally applicable lesson. If it helps me understand even the tip of the iceberg of coding I’m happy. Appreciate the direction.

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