Super Useful Dashboard for Airtable Users

Hey fellow Airtablers,

I just started using Airtable a couple of months ago and obviously really loving it.

I noticed a few forum posts in the past about creating some kind of tracking dashboard that integrated with Airtable and couldn’t really find anything useful.

Scanned through this post too:

One of my mentors (also an Airtable user) told me to check out this website (

Just wanted to share it with the community since it’s made my job as an freelance agency owner much much easier. Screenshot attached.

I contacted the founder and he sent over this super easy-to-use base. Again, may be useful for you.


Hi Jacob, and welcome to the community!

This is a great find. Thanks for posting this!

You may also want to check out the new Vega-Lite block that was recently released. This is clearly in the more technical category, but clearly, a welcomed addition to adding data science features to Airtable.

Thank you @Jacob_Elbaum1! What a great find, this is very helpful!

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