Support for Date Fields from Multiple Tables on Calendar


We need to be able to build a calendar from multiple tables to track and manage our Brewery Schedule. We have tried with Zapier but the time delay is an issue and it’s not a true integration (when you update AirTable it won’t update the Google Calendar in real-time).

I’m surprised there aren’t more people that require this feature- it’s a key limitation for us. Will the new Blocks feature help, or is there any other way to accomplish this?


If you have those “events” separated it seems ok to me to have 2 (or more) calendars. What’s the problem? Could you explain deeper?

Could you create a new table for Events, and link them to the records of the other tables?


Take a look at my response to an earlier request and the associated demonstration base. This does what you need (and what @Elias_Gomez_Sainz suggests): Namely, it rolls up dates from a number of tables to a master table used primarily (solely?) to drive a master calendar.


I’ll try that … thanks!