Support for Date Fields from Multiple Tables on Calendar

We need to be able to build a calendar from multiple tables to track and manage our Brewery Schedule. We have tried with Zapier but the time delay is an issue and it’s not a true integration (when you update AirTable it won’t update the Google Calendar in real-time).

I’m surprised there aren’t more people that require this feature- it’s a key limitation for us. Will the new Blocks feature help, or is there any other way to accomplish this?

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If you have those “events” separated it seems ok to me to have 2 (or more) calendars. What’s the problem? Could you explain deeper?

Could you create a new table for Events, and link them to the records of the other tables?

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Take a look at my response to an earlier request and the associated demonstration base. This does what you need (and what @Elias_Gomez_Sainz suggests): Namely, it rolls up dates from a number of tables to a master table used primarily (solely?) to drive a master calendar.


I’ll try that … thanks!

hey Im really new to airtable and can’t seem to figure out how your doing this. What are you putting your key and link calendar columns as. The way that I read it is that they are formula fields but every time I ender a formula it reads invalid. Have you done this as a video setting up a master calendar? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

@Avi_Moskowitz did that work? I’m in a similar boat of having a lot different tables with dates and want to have one overview of them.