Support Formula, LOOKUP and ROLLUP fields in Public Form Views


Right now these field (column) types are not supported for public form views. This would be a very handy feature and could eliminate the necessary of another software platform.


Currently, we don’t show calculated fields in form views because the person filling out the form can’t actually directly input data into those fields. Do you have a particular use case in mind for showing formula/lookup/rollup fields in a public form? If so, we’d love to hear it!


Can you see the example I sent Alex?


This is a feature I would very much like to see. My base is for a library, and I fill in the forms on the fly as people hire things out. At the moment I’m having to swap between the forms and the base to get the information I need to fill out the form. This means I can’t ask the users to fill out the forms themselves.

  1. In my Hires form, I select a user and a thing to hire out. Each user has a calculated status as to whether they already have something hired, in which case they can’t have another, so I would like this displayed. Similarly, each item has a suggested deposit. When I select an item to hire, I would like the suggested deposit displayed so I can then fill in how much I’m actually charging. Also, when I enter the return date it calculates the hire fee. At the moment I have to fill out the whole form then go back to the base to look up the hire fee.

  2. In my Returns form, I select a hire that is being returned. I want to display the expected return date so I can calculate any late fees, and display the deposit left so I can return it.

These are my main examples.

It seems to me you’re thinking of forms only as basic data collection, where really they could be so much more.


Hi Katherine, I too would like to see calculated fields in form views. Here’s one reason why:

We sell tickets to an event on a deposit/balance model. People register for the event with a minimum deposit payment of $100, then pay the balance a few months later.

In the grid view, I use formula fields to calculate the balance that each customer owes. This allows our staff to review the balance due, answer the customer’s questions, determine if they’ve overpaid/underpaid, etc.

Because the financial transaction data in this table is so important, I am very wary of how easy it is for staff to accidentally delete records in the grid view. So I’ve set up a form view to be able to record payments without the risk of deletion. But without being able to see the results of our “balance due” formula, staff is unable to answer questions from the customer, or issue any necessary refund or remaining-balance-due statement.


Unsure if there was ever a resolution to this. I am looking for similar functionality of having visible lookup fields in a form view. I am making an order form for materials and would like to be able to reference pricing information that has been saved in a product database. In the edit form view this information appears if you test the item number field, but in the shared form or preview form this information is not visible. Even if the information was visible like in this screen shot in the shared form that would be greatly beneficial.


This second image is the view in the shared form. Notice how there is no “lookup” field information visible within it.


Yep, I have the same problem. I need users to be able to input hours worked on a client job, but they only see the job number, not any info associated with it. With more than 1200 jobs to choose from, there is no way they can memorize job numbers. Please help!


I would like to use Airtable as a cost estimate calculator for custom prints (i.e. posters). The user would enter the size of the poster and select the type of paper they want it printed on, and the calculator would display an estimated cost for the print. I have already built a small, working version of the calculator database using Airtable. If Airtable could display the result of Formulas in Form view, I could integrate this calculator into my webpage and use Airtable to make quotes, and take/track orders. It would put Airtabe at the center of my workflow.

I work for another company that has used Airtable with great success for the past year. We depend on it to take orders, track production, and maintain a delivery schedule. Airtable has helped to automate a lot of the workflow, but this same lack of functionality is creating a bottleneck in the quote process.

An Airtable-integrated method for automating quotes would be very helpful. This could be accomplished if Airtable was capable of displaying non-interactive fields (such as formula results) in forms. I think it would open Airtable up to a whole new set of applications and expand the potential customer base. The company I work for already pays for Airtable, and I would purchase it for my business if it could do this.


I can give you more feedback as to my particular situation, I work in the elevator filed, I am using Airtable for manage my agent, when they are in form view they add the id device, but they have to able to see the others field, like “addres”, “client name” etc…


It could be a “read-only” field, because it’s for informational purposes, as I see in the previous requests. I do need this too, for the people who is filling the form could verify the information.


I am doing a task form and I want the form to be able to show the task description and the estimated hours when the task is selected. It seems silly to insist that forms only have input fields when there is often correlating data that you want to show when a selection is made. This is not crazy or obscure but actually pretty basic. I am somewhat frustrated that I can’t make these show without changing it away from a form. :::grumble:::grumble:::


Could you include the estimated hours in the description?


I am also waiting this possibility of including formula in a form for the following reason : as a physician teaching students I am promoting the use of clinical rules that often result in a calculated score that should be immediately visible to the user (otherwise it’s not worth it !!).
Any workaround ?


Any news from Airtable on this very much required feature of public forms being able to include calculated fields?


+1 for this feature request. We also have a long list of numbers for people to select from and it would be advantageous in our form to have a read-only view of the lookup that is a description of that number that they choose. We would use this as a ‘confidence builder’ for our staff to use to verify that they selected the correct number in the form.


Another +! for this feature request – also

use case: want users to apply for permit, and we are encouraging repeat business by t-shirt give away. Want return users to NOT have to type in Company name, address, etc. AND want new users to use this same input to add their company name, address etc. if not already in there.

other things i’ve noticed

  • when company is listed more than once, we get "ABC ProductionsABCProductionsABCProductions…in the company name field. right now, we’re internally using this lookup field to find an existing record and click on it - and it’s stringing the company name onto the company name onto the company name…


Me too!
We need forms that display all the field types.


Here’s another vote for this very important feature request. I have long text fields where I need the input limited to X number of characters. I added a LEN(string) formula to other columns and that works perfectly, but when entering text into those fields I need to see how many characters I am using. I can see that in expanded view, but not in the form view, which is the view I prefer to use.

I know it’s been over a year and half since this thread started. @Katherine_Duh do you know if this feature is planned to be added or on the road map?


I need this. The form user needs to view reference data in order to complete the form.