Support sync within the same base

Can synced tables be changed to allow syncing from within the same base?

Currently, creating a synced table does not allow syncing from a table in the same base. When only one source was allowed, this was reasonable, as creating a synced copy of a table in the same base doesn’t make sense. Now that you can have multiple sources, there are valid use-cases for this.

For example, the map app only lets you to work with one view, and I would like to visualize the addresses from multiple tables in one map. I can use multi-source synced tables create a single table for use by the map app, but this now must be in a separate base, due to the originally mentioned constraint.

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Don’t know if this will work, but try syncing it to another base, and then syncing that table back to the original one

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Hm, that’s a good workaround until same-table is supported. It’s still a hassle to need the extra table in the additional base, but this makes it possible to have the dependent graph in the original base. Thanks for the suggestion!

Another workaround is to create a new table with links to all of the other tables, rollups of the information from each individual table, and finally formula fields that consolidate all of the information from the individual rollups into a single set of fields. It is a lot to setup, but it could all be done within a single base.