Swimlane in Kanban

I am surprised that no one requested this before, but no kanban board is useful without Swimlanes :slight_smile:

Like Kanban “Grouping Field” where we can appoint it to a field of type “Collaborator” or “Single Select”, Swimlanes should be defined based on the desired field type


Strongly agree! If “Filter” is already supported, it only makes sense that “Group by” would also be supported. A typical use case would be to have the entries stacked by status (To-Do, In progress, Done) and have the entries grouped by project.


You might be able to use the matrix block to accomplish some of these workflows.


Another bump for this feature, please. For me, blocks are not a reasonable substitute for this, those are basically just for summaries, and this seems like a basic feature of kanban to me, not an extra like a pivot table would be.


I’d also like to group records in Kanban, but even more so in Gallery views. As of now, there’s no real way to seperate data in Gallery views, but a swimlane feature would certainly help.


This is a must feature and would be a distinguishing feature from notion etc…

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+100 Agree — this is something that is in JIRA of all places…swimlanes by values in an enum field horizontally would be something very useful.


The matrix block approach that you show lacks the swim lane “from/to” connectors. Also, his should be a feature available to all…

Something like this?


Hi Katherine,

It helps partly, but is less aesthetic and doesn’t allow the ‘card customisation’ that you have in the kanban view. so in many cases you’d be giving up crucial info in order to make it fit in the matrix

Just tested how Kanban works in Airtable and I think it could be improved with nested swimlanes like in this example: Kanban Swimlanes - Learn to Use Them | Kanban Board Swimlanes

That would allow creating a two tier process in more complicated workflows.