Switch Field Type?

I noticed in one of the tutorial videos a field shown as a switch (book database, the “Bought” filed). It was simple on/off type slider switch. I’d be grateful if someone could let me know how to create that type of field?
Many thanks

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That switch is actually a checkbox field. In desktop applications, it renders as a checkbox, but on mobile devices, it becomes a switch. I’m not familiar with the tutorial video you’re describing, but my hunch is that they were showing the example base in the mobile app.

Thanks for your reply. That was my first thought but checkboxes seem to be just checkboxes in my mobile app. I use Android so wondering whether it is perhaps specific to Apple OS?

Very likely. All on/off options in Apple’s own settings are switches. I don’t recall seeing very many checkbox widgets in other user interfaces on iOS, which leads me to believe that those using checkbox widgets aren’t using the native iOS toolkit to build their apps.

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