Switching Collaborators

I would like to give clients a link to edit the stacks in a kanban view. If I am paying to have just one collaborator, am I able to discontinue collaborator A and authorize collaborator B. I am an artist and would like to give a gallery the possibility of moving a piece from “Undecided” to either “Considering” or “FinalChoice”. The link would go to one gallery at a time and then be discontinued after the choices were made, thus making my single collaborator available for another gallery.

Is this legit? If so, is it as simple as dropping one and adding another.

Thanks for any advise you can give,


Airtable doesn’t allow that. Maybe link Stacker to Airtable to make that possible.

Yes, you can add and remove collaborators to your bases at any time. When you remove a collaborator, you receive a pro-rated refund in Airtable credits. So, if you remove a collaborator and then add another, the pro-rated refund from the first collaborator will then be applied to the new collaborator.

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