Sync feature not reflecting added row

I am new to AirTable sync and am exploring its features.
I noticed that when I add a new row in the source table, the sync table doesn’t reflect that added row. Is that the way it is supposed to be? Or am I supposed to do something extra to sync the added row?


If you have automatic syncing turned on, automatic syncs happen every 5 minutes. You can also manually refresh the sync whenever you want.

It’s not the issue of syncing automatically or manually. I sync it manually but the added row in the source table was not reflected in the synced table.

Is the new row showing up on the Source View that you are syncing? Syncs happen from the view level, not the table level.


I went back and checked. I am looking at the view level and not table level. One row was added in the source view, and another view in another base is supposed to be synced with the source view, but the synced view did not reflect the added row.

I would contact so they can look into it for you.

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