Sync Google contacts and calendars


I’m currently maintaining dual contacts and calendar events, one set in Google, the other in Airtable. This isn’t ideal; if I make changes in the Google dataset I have to duplicate by hand in Airtable and vice versa. It would be far more useful, much less error prone to have Airtable sync with Google. Please, thank you.


You can do this via Zapier:

Hope that helps!


It looks like Zapier will create an entry in Airtable when a calendar item is created, but can it handle syncing the calendar item after that, i.e. what if the calendar item is modified? Will the modification end up in Airtable?


For me, being able to have a visual calendar for planning would be huge. My dream - A calendar that can be viewed by year - broken down to month - to week - to daily. If I put an event on the calendar I am automatically offered the choice to add that event to a spreadsheet base - Family/Work/Business/Extras - Or if it is a project the ability to create a new project base or add to an existing.

I have just started using air table today and compared to most of you my needs are pretty simple so I hope I am not complicating things by asking for simplicity. If a visual calendar could be the center piece that contained pandora’s box that would be great. And then if I could open the box as needed, piece by piece or base by base - that would rock.

I am going to give the zappier a try and hopefully that will work for me but if you are looking for ideas for the future, please consider this one.


I would love to be able to sync my calendars. Another option (for me) would be to have multiple calendars feed into the same Airtable calendar. Then I wouldn’t use my Google calendar anymore.


Contacts sync with google apps would be awesome!
(Maybe connect with a service like piesync?

Also, syncing a calendar view to google calendar would be great as well.

as our company works with google apps, such functionality would allow contacts and events/calendars to be accessible easily for everyone on all devices.


I agree syncing with Calendar and Contacts should be native or bidirectional through a service like Flow XO. I am going to try with Zapier, but this won’t be a true sync.


The things holding up a functional CRM for me:
An improved view, either Bigger/more info dense Kanban or a magnifying glass that blows up records in the list (with improved formatting) as you scroll down.

  1. Submit your email if you want to have a better chance of them supporting it sooner:


There’s a separate request for Calendar sync to Google. Not sure if having the same request in different places dilutes their importance!

I’d find true Google calendar sync (i.e. not Zapier, which is one-way and one-off) really useful in a multitude of use cases. +1 for this.