Sync Primary Field Customization (June 2022)

Is the primary field customization feature available?

The Select fields to sync, “Advanced” option is not visible on our Pro Plan.

As I understand it, its there for new Synced tables. I don’t believe you can change an existing sync table’s primary field.

@Kamille_Parks Thanks for the reply!
I ran a test on a new base / table and the advanced option is still not visible. I’m fairly proficient with sync in general, but haven’t found the option. Would you mind sharing what level of plan you’re on? I’m using Pro, and hope this isn’t limited to Enterprise.

I’m on Pro.

You won’t have the option if you’re establishing the Sync from the source table. Go to the Base in which you want the synced table to appear. Select the Base/Table/View you want to sync into the current base. Then you’ll have the option.

@Kamille_Parks THANK YOU! I normally start sync from the source table, but starting from the destination table worked perfectly.