Sync source table changes?

For example, if you add a new field to a table/view that is currently sync’d to another base, how do you get that field to become part of the sync? Is that even possible? In this specific case, it’s a lookup field if that matters.

I tried to search for the answer to this question, but haven’t had any luck so far. Thanks!

It automatically comes into the destination table as long as that field is showing on the source view that you’re syncing.

(Note that lookup fields & formula fields & rollup fields only show up in the destination as text strings. I think this might be the case with other field types as well.)

Thanks Scott. That’s what I assumed too. The part I missed (and just figured out) was that I needed to “Update Sync Configuration” in the destination table and add this field to the list to be sync’d.

Thanks again for responding!!!

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