Synced records not updating

I’m syncing records from a source base into a separate working table. New records from the source base are showing up on the sync’d base, but updates to the record (e.g. selecting a different single source field entry) are NOT syncing.

The base is set up for automatic sync. Is this a bug, normal (i.e. updates to records don’t sync), or is there something I’m missing in setup?

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How long are you waiting for the changes to show up? Updates are not propagated immediately. It can take 15 minutes or more for them to show up. If you need them to show up sooner, you can manually update.

It’s been a couple of hours since the change was made. And even syncing manually, the field isn’t updating. :frowning:

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If the changes do not appear even after a manually syncing, that sound like a reason to contact support.

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Just contacted support - thank you for your help!