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I was wondering if anyone knows the solution to my little problem - some of the records in my table will have almost identical information about the partnership programs we’re working with. Is there a way to sync specific records within the same table, so that, when in one of the synced records a change is made, it is automatically shown in all other synced records? Ideally I would like to specify in which columns these records should be synced, since there will always be one unique column per each record that identifies one record from another. Every bit helps!

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I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. Can you please be extremely specific about what you are trying to do? Maybe post some screenshots as well.

It sounds like you may need to use Airtable’s Views feature, where you can view a single record in many different ways, but again, I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do:

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So imagine that I resell pet food in different state and I need to keep the records of all the suppliers I get the pet food from. I focus on 5 different states (let’s say WA, OR, CA, NV and ID), and the primary field represents Brand I get the food from. My table now looks like this:

Now some Products are sold to me on the exactly same conditions in some states, like in the example of Joyful Petto’s Canned food, it is sold to me for the same price, and with the same price for the delivery, in CA and OR. Now, if Joyful Petto decides to start selling canned food for a different price, or if anything at all changes with this product (in my original table there are like 40 columns lol), I would like to make changes in one row/record only, let’s say CA, and for those changes to be reflected on to the OR row/record too. Therefore I need to find a way to sync specific rows/records dynamically, so that, within the synced rows, when there are changes in one row, these changes should happend in all the other rows too. I hope I explained it better now :slight_smile:

You can’t sync rows, but I would change the Location field from a single-select field to a multiple-select field, so that you can select more than one location for the same product.

Try that and see how it goes.

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Hey @ScottWorld, thanks for the advice! Unfortunately this won’t work, the table which I’d shown in my example is just a simple example of what records I need to keep track of.

The solution for this problem probably lays in a custom script or smth like that, but I’ll see if anyone else knows a simpler solution. Thanks a lot for the help though!

I would probably put some of the shared information in a linked record (e.g. pet food specs that are intrinsic to the product and not to the shipping region).

Otherwise, if everything is presented as in your table, and there are no other overlaps in your data besides the brand and region, you could try a script that updates records of your choosing and add it as a button so that you can have a workflow where you update a record manually, then press a button and select the records you want to copy it to.

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