Synced tables x Same primary key

Hello everyone,

I have synced two bases with a third one (country stock management purpose).

The issue I have right now is that even though my product have the same SKU (primary field here), the stock levels aren’t on the same “line”. I don’t know if I am clear enough.

Airtable has automatically created a new “line” so I end up with two “lines” for the same product reference.

How can I change that in order to only have one?

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I think that’s working as intended I’m afraid. They’re two different records and so won’t be merged

To achieve a single table where you have a single record per SKU which shows the data you want, I would:

  1. Create a new table called Merged or some such
  2. Create a link between the Stock and Merged tables
  3. Paste the values in the Reference field into the linked field via an automation
  4. In Merged, create the needed lookup fields
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You can change it here (Advanced field options)

maybe you will need to adjust it in source field settings then, but in my case, advanced options were enough.

upd: I might be wrong and Adam is right, and my issue was different. I need to check it a bit later