Synchronizing Data across Tables within one Base

I have one base with multiple tables. Some of the tables have identical fields. How do I synchronize these fields across tables so that if I change the info in one field, it automatically updates it in the other table in the same named field? thanks.

Are you trying to sync field values, or field configuration settings?

If you’re trying to sync field values, why not just use lookup/rollup fields to keep data consistent across tables?

Thanks. Trying to sync field values. To be specific, I’m working in one base with multiple tables. In two of these tables I have the same email addresses (but for different purposes) [email is a field in each table]. I’d like to have a situation whereby each time I update an email in one table, the, email is automatically updated in the other table]. I have the same requirement for Company Names, One Liners, etc. I tried to do the lookup but it didn’t seem to work. This seems like a simpler request and is less about relating info but rather about duplicating and making info consistent across tables.

Sounds like you’re repeating content across tables instead of relating content together. The standard fix would be to create a table for Email Addresses, and another table for Companies. Each field in your other tables that references an email or companies would be converted to a Link to Another Record field aimed at the appropriate table. If a company changes its name, the records it has been linked to will be updated in turn.