Syncing Airtable to a Shared Drive in Google Drive

Hi there, when I sync’d my Airtable to my Google Drive, it automatically sync’d with My Drive. Is there a way to sync it in a Shared Drive or to a specific folder within the Shared Drive? Thanks in advance for any feedback!


I need an answer to this as well - did you end up finding out if this is possible?

I’m not totally sure what you mean by “syncing Airtable to Google Drive”, but the way that I’ve setup all of my clients with communication between Airtable and their files in Google Drive is by using Integromat, which has full Google Drive support (including monitoring specific folders only) and has full Airtable support.

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Airtable has a built in integration with Google Drive, but we want it to sync shortcuts of our databases to a Shared Drive for a team rather than to our own My Drive. I’ll take note of Integromat as a backup, but prefer to use a built in integration tool if available whenever possible.

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Oh, you just want simple links that open up your Airtable bases. Every Airtable base has its own unique URL (which you can further customize). I would just create your own document in Google Drive that lists all the Airtable URL’s in it.

No, Airtable has its own integration and everything is already syncing automatically to my Drive. I just want it to sync to my Shared Drive for the company instead but see nothing about it online and wondered if there was a way, or whether we needed to have every person click On for the integration (under Account, scroll to the bottom) manually to reflect shortcuts in their own My Drive for their current accesses. Not sure if I’m being clear, but thanks for the dialogue regardless! :slight_smile:

Hi, been a while since I dug into this but don’t believe anything has changed. Airtable cannot (yet) sync to a Shared Drive on Google Drive. It will only sync to My Drive and it sounds like you and I ran up against the exact same issue in this. Honestly surprised more people aren’t flagging this.

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This is actually the first time I’ve ever heard of this feature, but I wouldn’t plan on Airtable ever improving or changing this. I’d love to know how this is different from just going into your Airtable workspace at, and seeing the list of bases there? It sounds like you are just looking at a list of bases.

You may also want to check out On2Air: Backups, which has Google Drive integration built into it.

Yes, Airtable should support ‘Shared Drives’ for Google Drive and not Just ‘My Drive’