Tab Character in Formulas

Someone else asked about adding carriage returns to formulas (it’s done like this “\n”). I’m trying to find a similar command for tab or indentation characters.

That way I can generate text formatted like this:

Product:              Orange
Quantity of Product:  5

Instead of this:

Product: Orange
Quantity of Product:  5

@W_Vann_Hall I bet you’ll know

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Try \t — I believe that’s the Unicode symbol for a tab.

Afraid this didn’t work. It displays \t as text instead. Oddly, if the formula editor is re-opened, an additional \ character will have been prepended - such that the code reads "\\t".

Currently I’m getting around this problem by including a special character like ≠ and having users find and replace it with a tab character in Pages later. - It’s a bit of a kludge.