Table Talk: Airtable's CPO, Peter Deng 🤩

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Join Airtable’s Chief Product Officer Peter Deng for our next live episode of Table Talk—Airtable’s livestream—this Thursday, February 10th at 10am PT . Peter will discuss Airtable’s product plans and what’s to come in 2022. We’ve also included time for a Q&A, so it’s a great chance to submit your questions and hear them answered live.

This is going to be a great session and we hope to see you online :slight_smile:


Perhaps it’s about time we asked our Chief Product Officer to implement the most requested feature, “Data Validation.”

Without Data Validation, how can we expect reliable data?


This is certainly one of the leading causes of unsustainable and reliable Airtable solutions. I think it was invented in the early '80s. dBASE II actually provided primitive data validation techniques in 1982. There are many ways to offset this gap, but none of them is without cost or latency.


I may not be able to attend but if possible, I would love to understand the context of the recently announced London office with GDPR and the lack of two key European requirements:

  1. Hosting Airtable data inside EU boundaries (full GDPR compliance is gated by this).
  2. Supporting all of the localization requirements for Europe and the other planned international locations.

And one professional question - why doesn’t Peter have a presence in the Airtable community?


As a big concern of Airtable seems to be the load on its infrastructure, we are not out of the woods yet!

Hi @Jordan_Scott1 ,
I think personally that besides the few improvements of Scripting SDKs currently available that I have already asked 100 times and more, like the programmatic access to the parameters of a VIEW, remained hopelessly without a beginning of answer from Airtable, and which I had to gradually make myself a reason to do without, as my tables are mainly filled with text, what I really miss the most is a solution to search my tables according to the good practices that you have taught us right here @Bill.French.

Thanks to Airtable Teams for their attention,


Hey @Bill.French -

Thanks for your patience, wanted to get you as detailed of a response as possible in regards to GDPR since it might be too technical to cover well live :slight_smile:

Airtable is committed to maintaining compliance with GDPR, among other applicable privacy laws and regulations. While Airtable may consider international data hosting in the future, currently all Airtable data is hosted on AWS servers in the US.

Airtable is following the guidance of the European Commission in using the new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) to enable the transfer of personal data outside the EU. The UK followed the European Commission and issued new UK SCCs to enable companies to transfer personal data outside the UK, which are pending approval. The UK ICO has directed companies to use the old UK SCCs in the meantime.

We incorporate the Standard Contractual Clauses into all commercial relationships that we know to involve the transfer of personal data outside of the European Economic Area. To ensure the adequate protection of data transferred to us from Europe, we also utilize robust security practices, including the encryption of all data in transit and at rest. We believe these measures constitute a valid data transfer mechanism under GDPR. As noted in the EDPB’s FAQ responses, however, whether these measures are sufficient with respect to a given data transfer will depend on the circumstances. We continually evaluate risks associated with the transfer of data out of Europe and consider the adoption of additional measures to further safeguard such data.


My question/concern was not answer!!!

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