Table Talk with Andrew Ofstad 🥳

Hi all!

We’ve got something special planned for the last Table Talk of the year. In this Year In Review episode, we’re going to be speaking with Andrew Ofstad, co-founder of Airtable. We’ll talk about the features we launched in 2021, the thought process behind those features (and the feedback received), and generally how these features fit into the broader vision for Airtable.

You can submit your questions for Andrew in advance here.

Note: Roadmap questions will not be addressed during this session, but we heard your feedback and want to share that we have plans early next year for an episode to properly highlight some of our plans for 2022. More details to come :slight_smile:


Seems to be the nuance in every Airtable message these days :grin:

Great to hear you’re planning a special edition and looking forward to hearing some of the plans for 2022!


Hi everyone, wanted to say a huge thanks for welcoming Andrew so warmly and asking such thoughtful questions. Excited to bring on more folks in 2022 :slight_smile:


Kudos to @Aron for making this happen! :star_struck: