Tableau Integration via Web Data Connector

Hi, I am interested in connecting an Airtable base to Tableau Desktop using Tableau’s WDC (web data connector) connection type similar to the example here: Glitch :・゚✧ (originally found here: Community Portal)

Has anyone else tried this and if so, what are the requirements/security implications (such as hosting the WDC vs using a publicly hosted WDC) to get this working?

Perhaps more of a Tableau question - is it possible to access live Airtable data from a workbook published to a private Tableau server with an embedded WDC connection?

Hoping others who have gone down this route may be able to provide some further insight on how to get started using a Tableau WDC with Airtable. Appreciate it in advance!

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Hey @Stephen_Orr

We have lots of Tableau users connecting to their Airtable data via our hosted solution. It’s one option to consider!

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Hi Eric,
Thanks for the reply. I’m not considering a paid third party solution at this time.

The pieces to get this working are all here, just curious if anyone else has gone down this route before and what the requirements are.


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