Take into consideration 3 fields then populate found result

Thanks in advance everyone for the help!!!

I am really having some issue finding the solution to this one.

I have a base with several tables and many different fields. For 1 of these fields, in 1 of the tables, I want it to be determined by 3 other fields in the same table. Basically, I want to use 3 conditions (for example: Name, Service, Language) and for the field to be autopopulated with a rate to be found in another table.

Is there any way to do this?

Definitely seems possible, but I don’t think there’s quite enough info provided to say definitively.

It sounds like you would want to use Linked fields for selecting the 3 conditions. These could either be linked to 1 other table, or more likely, 3 separate tables called ‘Names’, ‘Services’, ‘Languages’. On those tables you’d have a field called rate where you entered each condition’s rate. Then back on the initial table, you would create lookup fields for each of those 3 conditions, pulling in the ‘Rate’ from those other tables. Then, using a formula field you could add those 3 rates together to get a final price.

It’s not quite a 1-step solution, but does that sound like the kind of solution you’re hoping for?

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