Tally Up Number Of Certain Records from another table?


I have a Table that has makes of cars for different records. Chevy, Ford, Chrysler etc…

I have another table with a field # of cars

I need to reference table 1 and get the total amount of each car make so they dynamically populate.

How can I accomplish this? Basically need this field to read the inventory page like in the pic here.


Well, simplest way would be to define a linked record from each individual car record to the [TypesOfCars] table. As part of data entry, each new car you add would have as one of its fields a link to the types table. (You probably store these data already, possibly as a single-select.) Then, all you need to do is define a count field in [TypesOfCars] and it will count the number of records linked to each type record.

If for some reason that isn’t possible, you’re stuck doing things the hard way


Sweet. Thanks… Worked :slight_smile: It creatd an Inventory field on the Car Brand Table with the first field on that table which is VIN numbers but I guess that’s what it supposed to do, then it tallied up the car count like it should in the # in stock field.

Thanks for the quick help.