Tally workdays by month

User AISYAH_AMBOK asked the same thing some months ago, and even provided a great example.

The third field in this table, with the issue pointed out with the ‘CROSS MONTH’:

Can anyone here figure out how to make this work?
And if possible make it work so it will list every month (and not just the first two) included in the range.

e.g. if the range started 9 workdays before the end of January, and five workdays into april.:
jan 2020, 9 - feb 2020, 21 - mar 2020, 22 - april 2020, 5

Obviously all the holidays of the year would have to be added to the formula to have a correct tally.

This would make or break my use of Airtable on one project, so I really hope someone can figure this out.


If it’s impossible, would it be possible to make a separate field for every month and having it show the workday diff within a common range?

I cannot work out how to say within the range of e.g. 4th January to 9th of May how many workdays will there be in March?

Is it even possible?

Could anyone please confirm that this is currently impossible?

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