Tasks manager base design ideas

I’m looking to build a tasks manager base. We publish book and there are about a 100 tasks to do between 4 different employees to get to the final product.
I use Asana, but we want to put everything in AirTable, which is great.
I like the Project Tracker in the First Base section, but I am looking for something more tasks oriented if you have any design ideas to share with me.
Thank you

What do you mean by “more task oriented”? What is missing from the template you’re using?

I am looking for a chronology in task. For example, when task 1 is done, the person attached to task 2 is notice to do it.
Also I need some advices:
1- should I do a “Main Task table” and duplicate it with each new book, since we have multiple books in the making at once.
2- should I use it as a to-do (with checkboxes) or add informations directly in it that I can later add to our main base about our published books.

Thank you

You would need to set up an automation to notify someone that their task is now up. The setup for that automation will depend on the setup of your base.

I don’t recommend duplicating a Tasks table. The exception to that recommendation is if you have all tasks for all books in one table and then you sync each book’s tasks to a separate base (one base per book).

I don’t know what you mean by “it” and I don’t know how using a Checkbox field is different from “adding information directly into it” or why/how you’re apparently transferring information between a “main” base and another base.

Thank you. It answers all my questions.
I’ll add an automation for notification when a task is complete.
And I’ll do just one Tasks table.

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