Template data for checklist


Hey everyone, I am new to Airtable so excuse me if I am not using the proper terminology.

I have a checklist with items 1 through x…

When the user performs a check I want those items to be copied into a new table with that users name associated with the each record.

So template table contains items to check.
A user goes to perform a checklist and it copies the items from the template table into the checklist sheet and shows only the unchecked items for that user to perform a checklist with

Is this possible with Airtable or an Add on or should I look to use the API ?

Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions or responses,


Have you looked at Zapier recipes to achieve this?


Zapier is ok for personal stuff but in my humble opinion it’s not for business apps.
I already built a web service that will do it but have kind of stopped using AirTable because it does not allow me to upload pictures via the API which is silly in year 2017.

Love the product but it’s just not ready for my needs.