Template Records?

Is there a way to make a template for a type of record that will be used multiple times for new instances of the same kind?

For example, I follow a seven-step process when designing logos. I have a base tracking projects using records that include details like tasks to complete. The seven steps I follow are captured as tasks for each project record. I’m finding that I’d have to recreate the list tasks for every logo design project. It’s a lot of repetitious work.

If there’s a way to make a template of a logo design record to start with and customize for each new project instance without lingering link issues that would be fantastic!

Is that possible in Airtable without any add-on app? If not, can it be made possible?

Welcome to the community, Ralston! :smiley: It sounds like you want to make not just one record, but a series of records representing repeating steps in your process. Perhaps this thread will give you some direction on how to pull that off in Airtable:

Thanks for the welcome, Justin.

Maybe there’s an answer in that thread and demonstration, but it’s quite complex and difficult for me to find a simple, useable answer to my question.

It might just be my newness to Airtable, but this doesn’t really help me today. Still, I appreciate the recommendation.


One of the issues in Airtable especially is that the more complex a process is, the more challenging it is to create a simple solution.

This process should be seamless and automatic - no human should have to do anything for the base to be created and configured and ready to use. The Airtable API is how I would approach this, but I suspect you could create this with alternatives like Zapier or maybe the ideas in this video.

Thanks, Bill. Great video.

So it seems the answer to my question is “no.” There isn’t currently a way in Airtable to make a template for a type of record that will be used multiple times for new instances of the same kind without use of any add-on app, external service, or coding.

Thank you. I hope, then, that this product suggestion makes its way to the right people at Airtable.

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