Terrible performance

Just started using Airtable, seemed perfect for my use. Spent the morning importing some CSV tables, making some forms and views and a couple of Kanbans.
Except now it’s unusable all of a sudden. It can take several minutes to switch views. Sometimes it’s then come up with a an error like “File not found” or “resource unavailable”.

I really liked what I saw but it seems very flakey and unreliable. Is this normal?
There’s only about 350 records in my Base, so I can’t imagine I am at all taxing the technology.

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Edit - also just noticed “Saving” after changes is taking a very long time. Eg, change the dropdown value selection in one field, and it took several seconds to save. Where as this morning everything saved in an instant.

Getting a permanent ‘loading’ or ‘trying to reconnect’ message across all of our spaces. Seemed to start happening around 8:50am EST.

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Ah, not just me then. Seems to be completely unusable at the moment. Time to go an make a cup of tea whilst it gets fixed.

Same thing for us. I emailed support. Hopefully fix will be soon. A lot of unhappy users at the moment emailing me…

Same here. Just started using today and it looks great but if perofance issue happen regularly then its a no go

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The same here in Berlin / Germany

same here. have been using for a few months and this is the FIRST time we see this type of performance.
def not the norm

I first heard of AirTable today in a news item from the BBC. I am guessing that many people have had the same idea as me and are trying it out for the first time causing some issues. I’ve signed up but i have no need to play with this right now so I am going to leave it for a while to ease the pressure for you existing users!.


I have a London client who is seeing multiple API failures for the past few hours. I tried to load one of their tables and it never finished.

Obvious service outage at the moment.

I think Jon_Bole has it - I also found the service through a BBC News article this morning. Should have put 2 & 2 together!
Guess there’s been surge in demand that has overwhelmed the infrastructure.

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Our London client mentioned this article as well in the same thread as the system failing.

Looks like it’s down across the board - it’s down for my company, too. That being said, it very rarely goes down and it’s performance is very reliable. You just happened to hit an odd/off time.

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Now working 100% as expected
for me at the moment.

Earlier today, Airtable experienced some brief downtime. Our engineers are currently investigating continued instability. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will keep you updated!

— Airtable Status (@airtablestatus) November 4, 2019

We’re having the same “server issue” as wel…

Getting constantly the next message:
“Lost connection to the server You must refresh the page, or any change you make will not be saved.”

The internet works fine for other purposes…

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Hi Robert, I’m so sorry that you are running into this issue. We did experience some brief downtime earlier today, but should be stable now.

You may need to refresh Airtable in your browser by reloading the page, or if you’re using the desktop app click on the Help menu and select Clear cache and reload.

If you experience any further trouble please write in directly to our support team by clicking Contact us in the app help menu.