Text and table formatting


Personally, I’d rather prefer some special type field for bullets, something like “multiple select” but which would appear as a list (for subtasks for exemple).
The only way to do that now is to create a link field but it’s not very practical nor quick.


Totally need rich text field. Not satisfied with support only for markdown (e.g. Trello) since doesn’t support pasting in formatted content.

Good rich text task description examples to emulate:

  • Wrike
  • Podio
  • Freedcamp

Some apps also support rich text for comments which is also really nice feature.

Common usage would be for external links (I know a custom column could also do this but not as convenient since requires separate column, sometimes you want it included in one text field with other text), bullet list for instructions related to item, quick paste of contact info, web excerpts, linking to other items, etc.

This feature is very valuable, and in my opinion it is the topmost lacking feature in Trello and Asana.

It would be a huge benefit to Airtable.


See my full comment below in this thread.


I’d love it if Airtable had basically all the text and cell formatting options that Google Sheets does, including conditional formatting.


Original post is 2 years old! Any update?

We are/were hopeful about migrating most of our tools to AirTable, but not gonna’ happen without color, in-cell positioning, lines/borders, conditional formatting, etc. Please and thank you!


Please add text formatting to Airtable!

I use airtable every day and this is incredibly needed.

I use individual cells to write notes for our meetings for our business… we need to be able to do bullet points.

I also frequently type in Arabic, being able to format text to appear to the right would be incredibly useful.


Markdown absolutely NOT ok unless it has a safe mode. We don’t want collaborators inserting random bits of Java script when all we wanted was the ability to make text bold or italic.


It needs some basic formatting… lists, bold/Italic fonts and headers… for security reasons complete HTML markup should not be supported. A good idea how to implement this without the needs of providing a new text editor is Trello.


Using Airtable on month-to-month basis to further evaluate. Need cell/column/row formatting and color, so that would be a deciding factor as to whether or not I continue. Thanks.


Love airtable but really dislike the lack of any formatting markup in long text fields.


SO one more Vote
Really need to be able to add formatting to fields like BOLD and outline settings

  1. Example
  • example a
  • example b
  • example c

you know like we can do in the community


For me this relates back to second item I “Liked” . . . bullet points.

I want to create a “Note” with is a list of items . . . bullet points, numbered lists, whatever.

Markdown, HTML, whatever . . . some formatting would be great.



Yes, formatting would be great since there is no “sub task” function and some of us use Airtable for to-do’s as well.


I wanted to Use Airtable as a data base crm for my real estate career, having notes for background and follow up calls to keep track of your conversations over the years is a must!!! Being able to simply format with bold type, separate with lines and highlighting can keep the key info at a glance!! I am sure same way for many small business relationship based salespeople and consultants…

Also commenting should be able to be disabled and a larger conversation window opened for the notes, setting the notes with a yellow background just like a yellow pad helpful needed as well… Think about it do you write one blank note paper when using a pen or pencil, no you use legal pads etc… need to break up the white space… Pipedrive does an awesome job of this and there best feature


Just started a free trial, and I am amazed at two things

  1. How awesome this is!!
  2. How in the world there is not a rich text editor… I have tried other similar platforms (pushtable) , this is by far the most built out but even they had a rich text field…

This is going to prevent me from moving forward unfortunately. Please let me know when you get it going!


Another vote! This would be so incredibly useful. I’m trying to convert my colleagues to Airtable, but the lack of basic formatting options has been a big barrier for making this happen.


Ok I’ve been searching for the last 30 minutes for a way to add a simple border between columns. Beyond adding text to a cell, this is the simplest possible function I can even think of. I’ve never experienced one single spreadsheet related program that doesn’t possess this ability. Is it that I’m blind, or that there’s been a humongous oversight rendering the entire concept unusable to me?


To be fair, these aren’t exactly spreadsheets. AirTable makes databases, and I haven’t come across too many database programs that let you adjust the border between columns unless its a front-end focused product. AT isn’t built as a front-end

But I’d like to echo markdown/rich formatting support for text fields!


Bump on "I’d like the ability to custom URL’s added in fields eg. replace a long URL name with just “click here”


Same question in 2019 - any chance to get formatting like centralizing a text field in the airtable?