Text and table formatting

I am making checklists on airtable so I need to add a bold heading in line item and then its factors


Content Check
Proofread content
Check word count


I hope there are basic “left-align” “right-align” “center-align” for “Single line text”

I ditto everything here 1000 times. Airtable is an awesome spreadsheet but it’s missing so much key spreadsheet functionality, centre/right/left align, coloured text, coloured cells…these are small things but they make a huge visual difference…I can’t stress how much a difference these would make.


I can’t believe the ability for basic formatting has been requested for 5 years…by a huge number of clients and still not even a date has been discussed.

Airtable, please, please…give us the ability to display our info, the way we want to see our info. (left/right/middle aligned, coloured cells, borders, bold, italics are SUPER important to making airtable a visual masterpeice).


I agree. This functionality would be useful.