Text contrast and font


Reading data and column in a Table can be challenging especially when you need to be focused. Although airtable has a very pleasant interface, the color of the texts is a medium gray which makes difficult to read. I think it would be really helpful to have the ability to adjust the contrast of the texts. The font itself is very light weight which makes info even more hard to read.
Considering also the fact that airtable is used by people older than 45 yo, their vision is not that sharp.
This issue (for me) Is mostly design issue, which creates practical problems. We have the flexibility and the power to make complex databases with linked info from each table, and we are spending more time trying to read what it says. Even one second more is important in the long term.
Of course this is also depending from the quality of the monitor you are using. So unless you use Mac or eizo monitor, the appearance of the) everything looks flat . I have check it various monitors. And except mobile (no iPhone) all the other are not easy to read.

Is the current UI favors design against the data itself?
Could be the font weight, could be the color, could be both. The certain point is that ui, can take improvements and make data easier to read, faster with less brain efforts.