Text from Picture attachment to field

So I want to extract text from a picture like below
format the data to be analyzed like the Excel below.

Welcome to the community, Jason!

This is doable with Airtable, but you might have suspected as much already. Beyond that, I can’t say; too many questions left unanswered - and none from you. :slight_smile:

Are you asking how can it be done, conceptually? Or do you need step-by-step instructions? Do you want the end result to be in Airtable? Or Excel? Are you aware that Airtable isn’t a spreadsheet, and how that might affect your expectations, for better or worse? Do you need to automate this task? You’ve posted this to the Scripting app category - a script, for our immediate intents and purposes here, won’t help you much.

A better start would be to use the Google Vision app (get an Airtable Pro subscription), get an API key* from Google (instructions are in the app, takes a minute or so), see how easily Google pulls this data (gonna go with “effortlessly” for my prediction), and then continue from there.