Text is not text (title is unclear, so I'm adding this)

Howdy folks. I have a table I’ve pasted some data into. One of the fields is certainly text, but if I reference it with T(), it says it is not. If I select the cell, there are no other characters hidden or otherwise. If I delete the contents with backspace and retype exactly, it is magically text. Any thoughts?

If I concat it, that field becomes text, but yet “If” can’t find it.
Also, sorting alphabetically puts the original pasted values in front of a typed-in value. So a “W” that was pasted in comes before “A” that’s typed in.

Are there different types of ASCII that I should be aware of?

Errant spaces BEFORE the text. I only checked after. Fixed.

This is a flaw in Airtable that has frustrated untold numbers of people. Airtable won’t show you your leading spaces when they exist. Instead, Airtable hides all leading spaces from you until you double-click into the field itself. It would be great if you could please email support@airtable.com about fixing this, so that they hear from all the people who are having this problem.

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