The ability to add a comment to any given field for any given record


What I would personally like is the ability to add a comment to any given field for any given record (akin to the cell-level comments that appear as red triangles in the corner of cells in Excel). There are times when I want to add additional or qualifying comments/notes at a field-level in records without cluttering up the view.

Excel examples:

Add comment

Comment indicator


Edit comment

I merely want what could be considered a comment mode/layer that could be applied to any given cell in any given field in any given table. Excel, Google Sheets, and many other spreadsheet-based applications provide this functionality. The purpose is to be able to collaborate or add additional notes or comments in context without affecting the data in the cells themselves. This essentially requesting the same functionality that is currently available for adding field descriptions to field headers, but also allowing this at an individual cell level.

There are limitless use cases for this functionality:

  • Carrying out a collaborative conversation
  • Providing an editor’s note for a publicly shared table
  • Adding a comment about an outlier result in a data table
  • Adding notes about a set of images.
  • Adding a disclaimer

User Interface Suggestion Re: Comments (@mentions)
User Interface Suggestion Re: Comments (@mentions)

I wholeheartedly second this feature request.

Having this functionality would make collaboration in Airtable as smooth as it is with Google Sheets for our teams.


Agree, same issue here. My project team is asking for this as a key requirement to moving from google sheets.